- Rivera & Co. will pay you $20.00 for each referral you send to our office and their taxes are completed.

- Referrals may not already be in our database as previous customers and you must be a current client.

- Refer as many as you would like, so you decide how much extra money you want.

- For each referral slip/card we get turned into our office after having their taxes completed you get $20.00 for each new client.

- Pasadena Office: (713) 534-9691

- The referral slip/card must be completed before your referral has their tax return completed.

- Be sure your referral has the referral slip/card with your full name and your telephone number. (This information is required)

- No call back referrals can be accepted and no dependent referrals can be accepted.


Remember the more you refer the more money you make!